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Water Charges (Abiana)

FOs empowers with pivotal role of abiana assessment and collection which enable them to meet the expenses on administrative, operating, repair and maintenance of channels and structures as per prescribed share demand, budget and expenditure under financial regulations. Area water Board shall establish a special emergency fund through contribution of 5% of one year abiana of every FO to meet the expenses made on the urgent repair of the channels and their structures. The collection of water charges shall be done by the Farmers Organizations through respective lumberdars, who shall deposit the collected amount in the PIDA’s Account.
The Farmer Organizations shall observe the time frame for preparation, issuance and delivery of the bills as under:
Time Frame of Water Rate Bills     Kharif Season     Rabi Season
  • Date of issuance of bills.
  1st September   1st April
  • Last date of delivery of bill to the occupiers.
  7th September   7th  April
  • Disposal of objections (if any) and issuance of revised bills.
  30th September   30th  April
  • Last date of deposit of bills by the occupiers (without surcharges).
  30th November   30th June
  • Last date of deposit of bills by the occupiers (with surcharges).
  31st January   31st August
  • Cut off date of bills for preparation of arrears of water rates.
  1st February   1st September
  • Date of submission of lists of defaulters.
  28th February   30th September

The detailed procedure for Abiana assessment and collection is contained in the integral part of the FOs (Financial) Regulations