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Area Water Boards

Below PIDA, Area Water Boards (AWBs) are being formed which will assume responsibility for managing and financing the Operation and Maintenance Cost of Irrigation and Drainage Network progressively within its jurisdiction. The AWBs will manage the system at main or brach canals.

Punjab Irrigation and Drainage Authority (PIDA) is pursuing the implementation of Institutional Reforms in irrigation sector of Punjab. The establishment and formation of Farmer Organizations have been carried out in five Area Water Boards out of 17 during different years i.e Lower Chenab Canal (East) Circle Faisalabad (2005), Lower Chenab Canal (West) Circle Faisalabad (2007), Bahawalnagar Canal Circle (2011),Lower Bari Doab Canal Circle Sahiwal (2012) and Derajaat Canal CircleD.G Khan (2013). Firstly, three Pilot Farmers Organizations were formed on 4-R Hakra, Sirajwah and Bhukan Distributaries of Bahawalnagar Canal Circle in 2000. Further, 85 FOs were formed in AWB LCC(East) Circle,67 FOs in AWB LCC(West) Circle, 70 FOs in AWB Bahawalnagar Canal Circle, 120 FOs in Derajat Canal Circle and 54 FOs in LBDC Circle.

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