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Development Projects


Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP)

Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) off-takes from Balloki Barrage which is about 65 km southwest of Lahore. The Balloki Barrage was constructed during 1911-13 and LBDC was commissioned in 1914. Balloki Sulemanki (BS) Link Canal was constructed in 1967 under Indus Basin Treaty branching from Balloki Barrage. LBDC and BS Link feeds about 23% of irrigated area of Punjab. The LBDC serves a cultivable command area of about 1.7 million acres in districts Kasur, Okara, Sahiwal and Khanewal. Approximately 275,000 farm families in the LBDC command area derive their livelihoods directly from the crops (wheat, rice, maize, cotton, sugarcane, fodder, flowers, vegetables, and citrus and other orchard crops) grown over the command area. LBDC is an important and progressive agriculture area in Punjab and offers significant potential for increased productivity. For more details, visit the site.


Punjab Irrigation System Improvement Project (PISIP) / Strengthening Irrigated Agriculture through Participatory Irrigation Management Project (SIAP) 

The Project started in March 2009 in an attempt to strengthen and improve the management and maintenance of the irrigation system; increase of water use efficiency and on-farm productivity. The project applied the results of former JICA support and Japan's 60 years experience for the water user associations named "Land Improvement District" (LID) through the collaboration with JICA's Yen Loan Project "Punjab Irrigation System Improvement Project" (PISIP). The project aims to establish the model of appropriate irrigation management system through verification activities in the pilot areas which in turn contribute to the improvement of the management and maintenance of the irrigation system and increase water use efficiency and on-farm productivity. For more details, visit the site.

Lower Chenab Canal (LCC) System Improvement Project

PIDA and Irrigation Department have successfully completed the Lower Chenab Canal Rehabilitation Project Faisalabad. Under this project, the whole irrigation system in LCC command has been rehabilitated to improve its efficiency. Likewise, PIDA was assigned the task to initiate the process of institutional reforms. PIDA organised the farming community, sensitized it regarding the participatory model of irrigation management and established 84 Farmer organizations in Lower Chenab Canal (East) Circle and 67 in Lower Chenab Canal (West) Circle.


Thal Canal Improvement Project (TCIP)

Punjab Government has decided to improve the water availability in the sandy and under developed areas of Thal canal circle. For this purpose, the conveyance capacity of existing canal will be increased to improve the cropping patterns with better agro production.

Pakpattan Canal Improvement Project (PCIP)

The irrigation experts have suggested the rehabilitation of Sulemanki Headworks to keep it operational for future needs of irrigation management. For this purpose, a detailed study has been done to start the work. At present, Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide the financial assistance for the rehabilitation of Sulemanki headworks including the improvement of Pakpattan canal system.