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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PIDA and when it came into being?
Punjab Irrigation & Drainage Authority (PIDA) was established through enactment during 1997 to perform the functions of irrigation management with the participation of farming community.  
What is the organizational structure of PIDA? Top
PIDA comprises of at least six farmer members (nominated by the Punjab Government) and five (5) non-farmer members (Chairman P&D, Secretary Finance, Secretary Agriculture, Secretary Irrigation and Managing Director PIDA). The Minister for Irrigation Punjab is the Ex officio Chairman of PIDA.
What is the purpose of farmers’ participation in irrigation management? Top
It has been globally assumed that the end users be involved and develop the sense of ownership of the system to improve equitable distribution, service, delivery, abiana recovery, decision making and management.
How PIDA is giving participation to farmers in irrigation management? Top
PIDA is giving participation to farmers in irrigation management by establishing their organizations on watercourse, distributary and main canal level.
In which areas, PIDA has launched participatory irrigation management system. Top
At present, PIDA has implemented the irrigation sector reforms  on five canal commands i.e. Lower Chenab Canal (East) Faisalabad, Lower Chenab Canal (West) Faisalabad, Bahawalnagar Canal, Dera Jaat Canal, DG Khan and Lower Bari Doab Canal Sahiwal.
What are the main functions of PIDA? Top
PIDA is responsible to look after all the affairs of irrigation and drainage in Punjab. However it is in transition and being implemented gradually.
What is an Area Water Board? Top
Area Water Board is and independent entity established on main canal command to monitor the affairs of FO’s and performance wise answerable to PIDA.
What is the composition of AWB and who heads it? Top
AWB is headed by its Chairman who is elected by its farmer members. The farmers members are elected by the Chairmen KPs of the concerned territorial unit. The Superintending Engineer of concerned canal circle performs as the Chief Executive of the Area Water Board who is responsible for all the administrative affairs.
What is a Farmer Organization (FO)? Top
Farmer Organization is elected body of distributary with the mandate to manage equitable distribution of water, maintenance of channel, collection of Abiana and dispute resolutions. Chairman KP’s (elected at each water course / outlet by the farmers) are the members of General Body of FO. The management committee of FO comprising as nine (9) members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 Executive Members) is elected by Chairmen KPs of the same distributary.
What is a Khal Panchayat (KP)? Top
A farmers’ body which is framed on a water course level. The Chairman KP elect the management committee of their FO and Farmer Members of the concerned territorial unit.
Who can be a member of KP and How many Members are required to frame a KP? Top
All the landholders who get their share of water from a watercourse can be elected as members of Khal Panchayat. KP includes Chairman, 9 non-members and Lamberdar as Ex-officio.
What is Abiana and how is it collected? Top
Abiana is the amount which is collected from the water users as the charges of service delivery. The per acre rate of Abiana for Kharif crop is Rs. 85.50 and Rabi crop Rs. 50.50. The Khal Panchayts are responsible to collect Abiana through lamberdar. However, it is also the responsibility of PIDA and PID staff to facilitate the farming community to recover the arrear of land revenue from defaulters.
Can I perform my role in irrigation management as a farmer? Top
Yes, if you are a land holder, getting the canal water and paying your Abiana dues in time, you can participate in elections of KPs or FOs. Being FO or KP member, you will not be able to hold two or more public offices.
Does PIDA run its business under any law? Top
Yes. All the business of institutional reforms process is being run under a comprehensive legal framework which is approved by the Punjab Government and Authority.