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Farmer Organizations

Below the Area Water Boards, Farmer Organisations are being formed on distributaries. The management of the system at the distributary level will be transferred to the Farmer Organisations, which will be owned and controlled by the farmers. The FOs will be the basic management unit and responsible to operate and manage the irrigation and drainage infrastructure and undertake distribution of irrigation water within their jurisdictions. The FOs will collect water charges from the users and deposit to PIDA. The salient features of FOs as provided in the Farmer Organizations Rules 2010 are follows:

  • To manage, operate, and maintain the distributary and minor together with infra-structure including hydraulic structures according to the approved design
  • To obtain authorized irrigation water supplies, as per availability from the main or branch canal at the head regulator of the distributary
  • To supply the irrigation water equitably and efficiently to the farmers and other canal water users within its area
  • To protect the environment within its area including the water quality of the channels
  • To assess the water charges and other irrigation related charges to be collected from the canal water users
  • To collect the water charges, fees, rates and other dues from the persons liable to pay them
  • To deposit the collected amount of water charges with the Authority after retaining its share in the collected amount, as agreed with the Authority
  • To levy and collect charges for additional services rendered by the Farmer Organization
  • To collect surcharge from the canal water users in case of default in payment of their dues
  • To settle disputes among the farmers of the area including disputes mentioned in the Canal and Drainage Act, 1873 (VIII of 1873) or other water users in accordance with these rules and regulations
  • To exercise powers and to perform such other functions as are necessary and proper for the performance of the above functions
  • To levy and collect special water charges (tawan) and Drainage Charges under Canal and Drainage Act, 1873 ( VIII of 1873) and send report to the Area Water Board on regular periodical basis as per instructions of the Authority.

The Authority shall appoint a Registrar for an Area Water Board and a Registrar at its Head Office who shall perform all functions relating to the registration of the Farmer Organizations.

List of Farmer Organizations