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Monitoring & Evaluation

PIDA has established Monitoring & Evaluation Cell with the main objective to carry out internal and on-going performance evaluation of Farmer Organizations. The following are the major objectives of M&E system.

  • To carry out monitoring of the reforms components especially the performance of FOs against the functions assigned.
  • To suggest appropriate remedial measures/actions to smoothen the progress and performance in delivering the desired objectives and goals targets.
  • To evaluate  and bench mark  implementation  process considering the identified key performance indicators.
  • To prepare periodical progress/monitoring reports.
  • To assist in formulation of strategies for improvement in operation and effective functioning of Farmer Organizations and Area Water Boards.

Performance Indicators

The following specific key indicators are incorporated and considered under the monitoring and evaluation of FOs performance:

  • Organizational Development / FOs Management Aspects.
  • Management of Physical Condition of Distributary- O&M of Channels & Works.
  • Irrigation Service Delivery - Operation and Regulation of Channels, Monitoring and Recording of Water Delivery of Channels and Outlets to Maintain Equity.
  • Disputes Resolutions and Disposal of Revenue Cases.
  • Water Rate (Abiana) Assessment and Collection.

FOs are responsible to perform their functions and maintain records as per Rules / Regulations and submit their progress reports on designed proformas to the office of Chief Executive / AWB on monthly basis. Further the performance indicators and criteria of evaluation of FOs have also been devised to carryout the periodic evaluation of performance of FOs and preparation of M & E reports.

The format / proformas may be downloaded from here under: 
  1. Proformas for FOs monthly progress reporting to AWB
  2. Performance indicators & criteria of evaluation of FOs