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Our Concerns

The major concerns of Pakistan Irrigation System in the eyes of its management, stakeholders and researchers can be summarized as under:

Managements' Perspectives

  • Check water logging and salinity
  • Take measures to prevent overuse of water for irrigation
  • Balance the overall water scarcity, i.e. low water availability during winter and at the beginning and end of summer with limited reservoir capacity
  • Prevent overuse of fresh ground water
  • Overcome the physical and technical limitations of system
  • Enhance efficiency in delivery and use
  • Avoid inequitable water distribution
  • Ensure flexibility in established water rights of the canals
  • Adequate operation and maintenance of the system
  • Prevent excess seepage and wastage in the system
  • Sufficient cost recovery (O&M expenditures are more than recovery of Abiana)
  • Overcome the administrative and financial constraints
  • Respond effectively for an increased water demand

Farmers' Perspectives

  • Sufficient and diverse canal water supplies to irrigate their lands in crop seasons
  • Reliable and equitable distribution of irrigation water
  • Repair deterioration of the canal system and frequent breaches due to weak banks
  • Prevent increased cases of water theft
  • Solve water disputes and check delay in actions and justice
  • Stop political interference in system management

Researchers' Perspectives

The researchers study the flaws in the overall system and suggest the changes required. Listed below are a few areas of research:

  • The reasons for the poor performance of Government Agency Managed Irrigation System
  • How to overcome wastage of water and low water use efficiency
  • Suggestions to prevent failure of government to finance or make recoveries from farmers and how to overcome high cost irrigation management
  • Stop financial mismanagement and poor accountability
  • Capacity building of farmers and assisting them in decision making
  • How to stop any kind of political influence in management of irrigation water delivery system