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Our Functions

Punjab Irrigation and Drainage Authority (PIDA)

The Punjab Irrigation and Drainage Authority has the following broad functions:

  • To perform all duties and functions of the irrigation department.
  • To plan, design, construct, operate and maintain the Irrigation, Drainage and Flood control infrastructure located within its territorial jurisdiction.
  • To improve effective and efficient utilization of irrigation water and its disposal.
  • To introduce the concept of participatory management through pilot AWB and FOs., also to adopt and implement policies aimed at promoting growth and development of FOs and monitoring their performance.
  • To take measures for reducing O&M expenditure and improving maintenance planning.
  • To take measures to improve assessment and collection of water rates and drainage.
  • To make the authority financially self-sustaining with regard to the O&M cost of canal irrigation and drainage.

Area Water Boards (AWBs)

The Area Water Boards have the following functions:

  • To review and monitor the operation and maintenance work plan of the Canal.
  • To recommend development schemes of original nature for inclusion in the Annual Development Program (ADP) of the Government and to review progress on such program.
  • To participate in the preparation, implementation and regulation of the rotational program of water distribution in the Area Water Board.
  • To monitor the operation of irrigation system in the area.
  • To plan and implement measures for preventing and checking of the water theft and other offences under irrigation laws to ensure equitable distribution of canal water and to address tail shortages.
  • To review and supervise collection of water rates and provide support in the recovery of water charges.
  • To review and monitor expenditure vis-a-vis budget allocations.
  • To encourage participation of the water users in the irrigation management.
  • To assist the Authority and the Government in the formation, promotion and development of the Farmers Organizations including Khal Punchayats.
  • To monitor the working of the Farmers Organizations including Khal Punchayats and recommend measures to improve their working for consideration of the Authority.
  • To receive any grant, donation or other money from the Government, the Authority or any other person or organization, with the approval of the Authority.
  • To utilize its fund, to the extent and in the manner, as may be determined by the Authority.
  • To ensure regular meetings of the Farmers Assembly.
  • To deal with emergencies. and
  • To perform any other related functions which may be assigned to it by the Authority.

Farmer Organizations (FOs)

The Farmer Organizations have the following functions:

  • Overall responsible for operation and maintenance of hydraulic structures of the channels and supply the irrigation water equitably and efficiently to the farmers.
  • To protect the environment within its area including the water quality of the channels.
  • To manage the  affairs of the Farmers Organization and its  activities in the delivery of water.
  • To assess water rates charges and other irrigation related charges.
  • To collect water charges,  fees, rates and other dues etc. and deposit into PIDA’s Account.
  • To develop policy and periodic plans of operations, maintenance and improvement and present them before  the General Body.
  • To supervise the maintenance and improvement activities of the water channel.
  • To maintain such financial and other records of the Farmers Organization, as may be prescribed by the Authority.
  • To prepare the  annual work plan, business plan and annual budget of the Farmers Organization and place them before the General Body.
  • To enter into agreements for all purposes including for collection of water charges (Abiana) with Lumberdar or Chairman Khal Panchayat / any individual/ entity/ Member Khal Panchayat etc. with the approval of Chief Executive Area Water Board.
  • To approve all kinds of administrative and general expenditures upto the limit Rs.10,000/- per month, subject to budgetary allocation for each item;
  • To assign the functions to exercise the powers of any office bearer of the Management Committee, except President, to any member of Management Committee, in case of illness, absence or inability to perform functions of the said office bearer with the approval of Chief Executive Area Water Board.
  • To ensure the implementation of Rules/Regulations and stipulation of the Agreement relating to transfer of powers and functions.