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Irrigation Sector Reforms

Government of the Punjab is undertaking institutional reforms in irrigation sector under Punjab Irrigation & Drainage Authority (PIDA) Act 1997. The main purpose of these reforms as given in the preamble of the said Act are, to implement the strategy of the Government of Punjab for streamlining the irrigation and drainage system; to replace the existing administrative set up and procedures with more responsive, efficient and transparent arrangements; to achieve economical and effective operation and maintenance of the irrigation, drainage and flood control system in the Province; to make the irrigation and drainage network sustainable on a long- term basis and introduce participation of beneficiaries in the operation and management thereof.

The said reforms are likely to bring substantial benefits to the farmers and will bring about financial sustainability, transparency, efficiency, equitable distribution of canal water to all the beneficiaries, disputes settlement, accurate assessment and proper recovery of Abiana. With the achievement of these objectives, particularly, the proper distribution of canal water to the water users will benefit the agricultural production in the province and help boost the economy of the country.